Take down those towers: Clash Royale is coming to ESL Play!

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Following up on Supercell’s successful Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has taken the mobile gaming community by storm by bringing familiar units to a new battlefield on Android and iOS. If you haven’t played it yet, imagine Hearthstone in a real-time environment with two lanes, three towers to take down and all in a fast-paced three-minute time frame. Sound like fun? This weekend, ESL Play will be hosting a tournament for you to whet your appetite with as well as prove your ability to come up with the best decks!

Helsinki Tournament 2016

Last Saturday Supercell held the Helsinki Tournament 2016, with this first move into live esports events seeing our very own James “Kaelaris” Carrol and Sean Charles taking charge of commentary and hosting duties respectively. After a fun open brawl, the top players fought in a bracket that saw Jason come out on top to take home €10,000 in prize money.

James “Kaelaris” Carrol had the following to say about the Helsinki Tournament and the future of Clash Royale:

“I’m very excited to see Clash Royale having more competitive exposure here at ESL. After commentating the Helsinki Tournament 2016 and spending a few weeks before learning, the game itself has changed my perspective completely on mobile gaming as a genre. Clash Royale is simple yet has great depth. It was fantastic to see everyone on a level playing field in Finland and watch as Jason, the overall victor of the tournament, triumphed with a deck that was basic yet versatile. There were a wide array of strategies shown, which already puts the game in a great place as a spectator experience as well. Games were down to the wire, and I expect we’ll be seeing exactly the same excitement in our upcoming tournaments as well!”

Work your way to the top on ESL Play!

Following the huge success of the Helsinki Tournament 2016 last Saturday, ESL is happy to announce that the first competitive Clash Royale tournaments will be starting starting soon!

With the open Clash of Titans ladder, you can test your skills whenever you like, with the first big clash coming next Sunday the 24th of April in the form of the first community cup. Here you will have to fight yourself through a single-elimination bracket, meaning you’ll have to make every bit of your deck count.

Check out Clash Royale on ESL Play!

Make sure to join the upcoming tournaments and show everyone how good your decks are, and stay tuned for even more ESL Clash Royale action on Twitter and Facebook.