Take the ESL Fantasy challenge for the WCS Global Finals 2015

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Blizzcon is coming up and so are the WCS Global Finals 2015! While the best 16 players in the world now have the big chance for the title, you can join the ESL Fantasy challenge and show your knowledge about the matchups ahead of us. Can you come out on top of this bracket challenge and guess the results right?

How it works

To score points for the global ranking, you need to guess the correct winners for the upcoming matchups. If you predict the match correctly and have the score on point, you’ll be able to earn additional points! Switching the players and results is possible until the start of the individual match. Check the fantasy bracket to do so!

Points awarded for the WCS Global Finals 2015:

  • 3 points for picking the correct winner
  • 2 additional points for correct matchup results

Private leagues

You prefer going up front against your friends, mates and colleagues instead of hitting the leaderboard? Create a private league for up to as many participants as you like. Start your own in-house league and see who predicts the WCS Global Finals 2015 best!

Sign up to ESL Fantasy for the WCS Global Finals 2015!

Make sure to join the WCS Global Finals 2015 challenge on ESL Fantasy until 1st of November 2015, to take the chance to predict all matches. However, joining the competition late is still possible, missing out those matches already played.

Good luck!