Take a look at NEEDforSEAT’s MAXNOMIC gaming chairs behind the scenes at ESL America

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Judy Heflin
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NEEDforSEAT’s custom MAXNOMIC gaming chairs are used both on stage and behind the scenes of ESL productions all across North America. They’ve made their way to both PAX East and West as well as stadium and studio events where the best players from North America and across the globe have battled for prestige and prizes across multiple gaming titles and genres.

NEEDforSEAT’s custom ESL chairs feature MAXNOMIC’s signature sturdy steel frame and aluminum base with cold cured foam components and multilayered vinyl for maximum durability. In addition to reliability, the 4D soft padded armrests and adjustable backrest and tilt mechanism ensures comfortable gameplay, so that pros can play at peak performance.


This year at PAX East and many other studio shows in Burbank, Gears of War, Rainbow Six, Halo 5, and Guild Wars 2 pros sat in custom ESL MAXNOMIC chairs. In the summer, NEEDforSEAT debuted the MAXNOMIC ESL PRO 2.0, which lined the main stage at PAX West, ESL One New York 2016, and IEM Oakland 2016.


Along with players on stage, NEEDforSEAT’s MAXNOMIC ESL chairs are used by casters on North American productions. Behind the scenes, ESL’s offices in Burbank, California and New York, New York have MAXNOMIC chairs all throughout working spaces and conference rooms.


Look for NEEDforSEAT’s ESL chairs on-stream or in person at upcoming North American events such as the Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall 2016 Finals, and from November 25-29 you can use the code “ESL50” for a Black Friday discount on a chair of your own. Keep in mind that the Black Friday sale is only valid for purchases in the USA and Canada!

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