Team Naventic and Astral Authority are headed to the Heroes of the Storm North America Fall Regional playoffs!

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On the second day of the Heroes of the Storm North America Fall Regional at PAX West, Team Naventic and Astral Authority made it out of Group B to move on and battle Denial eSports for the second NA spot at BlizzCon 2016. With tickets to BlizzCon already in hand, Murloc Geniuses are headed to the playoffs to battle for prize money and defend their title as the best team in North America, but all eyes will be on the other three squads to see who will accompany them at the Fall Global Championship.


The day started off as everyone expected, with fan-favorites Gale Force eSports defeating the lowest seeded Group B team Imported Support with a quick 2-0. After tasting success with a first place win at the NA Summer Regional #2, GFE came into the day looking to top their second place performance in the latest Fall Regional in Burbank.

Team Naventic were defeated by GFE in the quarterfinals of the previous regional and had to fight their way to PAX West through qualifiers for the first time. After losing Fan, who many considered Naventic’s secret weapon, to GFE, many were unsure of how they would perform. Their newest addition Jason, formerly of GulDansGame and Panda Global, helped the Buechter brothers, BigE, and T-god win their first 2-0 of the night.

In the most anticipated match of the day, Team Naventic went up against Gale Force eSports in a rematch of the previous regional’s semifinals. After GFE defeated Naventic in their last meeting, no one expected such a dominant series from Naventic. GFE seemed off their game and in the battle of the former North American frontrunners, Naventic came out on top as the first team to advance from Group B.


Astral Authority and Imported Support battled in the first match of the lower bracket. Many were counting both of these teams out already and waiting to celebrate GFE’s swift journey to the playoffs, but this series turned out to be a pivotal moment in the NA Fall Regional #2. Imported pushed Astral to the first Game 3 of the day, but ultimately the Astral Army moved on to face GFE in the lower bracket finals.

After a beating from Team Naventic, GFE spiraled downhill and Astral Authority took advantage. The match turned out to be an easy 2-0, but not for the team everyone predicted would win. Astral Authority defeated Gale Force eSports and moved on to Championship Sunday.

After placing second in the last Fall Regional, GFE still technically have a chance to make it to BlizzCon. If Murloc Geniuses take first place, then the second place team will have to battle GFE in a best-of-three tie-breaker match following the finals.


Congratulations to Team Naventic and Astral Authority for advancing from Group B! Be sure to tune into the ESL Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel today at 10AM PDT to watch them battle Denial eSports and Murloc Geniuses in the playoffs.

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