Team Secret win it all at Intel Challenge Katowice 2017

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The second and final day of Intel Challenge Katowice 2017 had the continental contenders clashing first before determining the best women CS:GO team from Europe and North America in the grand final. Catch up on how the matches went down and which team was able to take home the title, as well as the lion’s share of the US$30,000 prize pool.

The NA clash: CLG Red vs. Team Dignitas

The two North American teams met on different grounds as many had CLG Red as one of the tournament favorites. While on Train, CLG were able to take the control in the later rounds and bringing the map home in their favor. From here, Team Dignitas knew how to best the runner up of Intel Challenge Katowice 2016, winning Cache and Nuke to advance to the grand final, getting to represent the North American scene.

  • Train: CLG Red 16-13 Team Dignitas
  • Cache: CLG Red 8-16 Team Dignitas
  • Nuke: CLG Red 9-16 Team Dignitas
  • Total: CLG Red 1-2 Team Dignitas

EU Fighting: Team Secret vs. Team expert

After the upset in the first semi final it was Team expert looking strong - taking on the reigning champions of Team Secret. On Cache, expert took the lead and extended it to 15 rounds before Team Secret came back, bringing their score to double digits before the Germans closed out the game. Inferno saw a strong Team Secret show off why they are the big favorite to win the title, forcing the game into a decisive third map. On Cobblestone, it was a close call again before Secret starting building a lead and closing out the series in a strong run.

  • Cache: Team Secret 10-16 Team expert
  • Inferno: Team Secret 16-5 Team expert
  • Cobblestone: Team Secret 16-12 Team expert
  • Total: Team Secret 2-1 Team expert

Grand final: Team Secret vs. Team Dignitas

A strong start on Train for Team Secret saw them taking round after round, before Team Dignitas found a way to break their run. However, it was only four rounds for them as the reigning champion closed out the first map. On Nuke the game got way more open to both teams, with both having their moments. However

  • Train: Team Secret 16-4 Team Dignitas
  • Nuke: Team Secret 16-12 Team Dignitas
  • Total: Team Secret 2-0 Team Dignitas

Congratulations to the best women team in the world

We want to thank all eight teams of Intel Challenge Katowice 2017 for the great tournament and the thrilling matches. Congratulations to Team Secret, the old and new champion here in Katowice. We hope you enjoyed the two days of action and stay tuned for more by AnyKey on Twitter and Facebook.