Test your skills in the weekly Go4MushroomWars2 tournaments

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In the wake of the recent announcement of the Mushroom Wars 2 Steam version for PC we’re excited to introduce the Go4MushroomWars2 weekly cup series. Up to $800 are up for grabs each month in the global 1on1 tournament series and today is your first chance to participate in the cup series directly from your PC, thanks to the recent release of the Steam version

You can take the Steam version of the game for a spin right away in today's inaugural PC cup!
Starting at 21:00 CEST!

As per usual with our Go4 tournaments, each month will see weekly cups on ESL Play leading up to the big monthly final. Player will be able to win cash prizes in each cup. In addition, the top players of each weekly tournament are set to receive Ranking Points which will reward them with better seeding for future competitions. On top of that, each weekly winner will have a guaranteed slot in the eight player monthly finals.

Prize Pool

To begin with, the competitions will go for three months from October to December. For December specifically we’re gonna raise the prize monthly finals prize pool to $1,000 to celebrate the final month.

  • Weekly cup winner - $100
  • Monthly cup prize pool - $400
  • Monthly cup December prize pool - $1,000

Sign up to the Go4MushroomWars2 today!

Download the new PC version today to partake in the competition and don’t miss out on your chance to prove your skills and win some cash prizes on the way.

For all Mushroom Wars 2 tournament updates, be sure to follow ESLMushroomWars on both Twitter and Facebook.