Three more chances to win big in this October's Go4 tournaments

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Philipp Saedler
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October is about half way through and so are the Go4 tournaments of the month, which means there are still three chances for you to join the competition, take home prize money and make it to the prized monthly finals in a variety of esports titles. Have a look and sign up for your favorite games!

Go4 tournament hub on ESL Play

Lomy, winner of the first Go4MushroomWars2:
"I appreciate my opponents for making this first tournament breathtaking. It was a nice experience playing the Go4 Cup in Mushroom Wars 2. I am looking forward to many interesting matches and competition in the upcoming tournaments"

While the addition of the Go4 Series powered by Intel for CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 has pumped up the prize money quite a bit, there are more than just the biggest esports games available for you to compete in. Whether you prefer FIFA 18, Rainbow Six Siege, Tekken 7 or one of the other supported games, this is your chance to compete for the top and take home prize money every weekend.

Asim, winner of two Go4Tekken7 tournaments:
"These ESL Go4 cups are great because they give everyone an opportunity to play at a high level and compete for money."

Good luck to all participants!