Top 10 photos of the League Europe Season 4 finals

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Ella McConnell
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Last weekend saw two days of intense tank battles culminate in Schoolbus being crowned the League Europe champion, taking home the hefty tens of thousands of euros prize. To celebrate, here are some of our favorite photos from the event - which is yours?

Devilish headgear

Schoolbus shares a hug

The commentary team hard at work

Rocking a very stylish hat

A celebratory cheer

CPLAY Tt.eSPORTS hug it out

A tense moment

You can tell a lot about your opponent from their handshake

The moment of victory

WGL EU Season 4 champion Schoolbus celebrates

You can find more awesome photos of the WGL EU Season 4 finals in our Flickr album, and keep an eye on the official League Europe site for the latest competitive World of Tanks news.