The top 10 StarCraft II photos of Intel Extreme Masters Taipei

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Hans Oelschlägel
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The StarCraft II tournament at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei was one for the ages, featuring one of the best knockout stages in recent memory. As such, it is only fitting that such a great event should have stellar photos to go along with it. Here are our top picks from those taken at the tournament!

Warming up

Checking out the competition

Fantastic fans

The great crowd in Taipei

Classic in action

He’s got his game face on!

HyuN hanging out with Apollo

Getting a Zerg on camera

The panel

With support by Harstem

PartinG shrugged

An entertainer is his own right!

That’s Life

Keeping a constant smile throughout the tournament

herO and Revival

Taking a break from the action

Maru mid-game

The young Terran played an amazing tournament.

Your Intel Extreme Masters Taipei champion!

Life wins the memorable grand final against Maru!

If you enjoyed these, you’ll find even more photos of the event in our Intel Extreme Masters Taipei Flickr album.

Additionally, if you missed out on any of the five days of Intel Extreme Masters StarCraft II action in Taipei, we covered each one with series recaps, bracket overviews and VOD links - check them out below!