The top 10 StarCraft II photos of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice

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Hans Oelschlägel
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The Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 World Championships in StarCraft II delivered countless amazing moments and we have the photos to back that up. Check out the top StarCraft II photos of the tournament!

The talented analyst panel

Enjoying their time between games


Team Liquid’s Terran.

Maru beats Patience

But no love is lost!

INoVation advances

Life didn’t find a way.

The smiling assassin

Intel Extreme Masters San Jose champion herO.

The Zerg hope

Shedding some light on Dark.


Enjoying his semi final victory!

The king’s bane

BByong bests his teammate, Intel Extreme Masters king, herO.

Eyeing his opponent

Trap analyzes his final challenge, Zest!

Zest is best

Lifting the trophy

But wait, there’s more! Our StarCraft II facebook album has more impression from the big stage. Be sure to check it out!