The top 12 League of Legends photos of Intel Extreme Masters San Jose

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Ella McConnell
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We saw some awesome League of Legends action at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose last weekend, which was our biggest US event yet! As well as plenty of great games, our photographers also managed to capture some great moments on film - let us know which is your favorite!

League of Legends makes its SAP Center debut

Shoutout to San Jose!

Lyon Gaming makes an entrance

Dynamic entry!

Unicorns of Love group hug

Always, I want to be with you...

The celebrity ARAM lineup

Shots are fired before the real fight begins.

Carmac lifts Saintvicious after the celebrity ARAM

He just can’t get enough.

LemonNation enters stage left

When life gives you Lemon, make… Red Bull?

Alliance hearts you

We love you, too, guys!

And the crowd goes wild!

That escalated quickly.

Sjokz selfie

Who wants whose picture here?

The moment of victory

Cloud 9 sweep Unicorn of Love 3-0 in the finals.

Cloud 9 and their trophy

A hometown victory.

Cloud 9 lift Carmac following their victory

What an unexpected turn of events!

For more awesome photos of the League of Legends action at Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, check out our Flickr album!