The top 15 photos of the WCS Season 2 finals

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Ella McConnell
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Last weekend, the world’s best StarCraft II players returned to Toronto to battle it out for the WCS Season 2 title. Among the big plays, roaring fans and shining personalities, our talented photographers managed to take a plethora of amazing shots. It was hard to choose, but here are our 15 favorites.

All together now

Getting ready for a great event.

Where’s the dong?

Some fan monkey business.

Hydra’s smallest fan

Or his biggest?

You look tense

Harstem gets a pep massage.

Behind the scenes

Keeping everything running smoothly.

A tense moment

Hydra plays the waiting game.

A true Terran smile

Now that’s dedication.

Kaelaris is amused

But by what?

The crowd shows their support

With clap sticks aplenty.

A hero’s welcome?

StarDust makes his way onstage.

Master of ceremonies

Chobra takes us through it all.

The winning moment

Success is Hydra’s.

The trophy

Hydra’s definitely happy.

The WCS Season 2 champion!

And confetti, confetti everywhere.

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