Top 16 photos from Intel Extreme Masters Toronto

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Ella McConnell
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Intel Extreme Masters Toronto is over, and as you may have already seen on our Flickr, our photographer got us a load of amazing photos. In fact, there were far too many awesome photos to simply do a top ten, so here for your enjoyment we have assembled our top 16 Intel Extreme Masters Toronto moments - which one is your favorite?

ReDeYe and Apollo share a laugh

Who knows what’s on that screen...

Apollo in a Chewbacca bathrobe

I hear he pulls people’s arms of their sockets when his favorite loses.

Panorama of the crowd

Packed seating meant that many people had to stand or sit on the floor during the action (click to enlarge).

CJ.herO eating a Hero burger

It’s hard to find a more picture perfect moment.

The inevitable Intel Extreme Masters selfie

Special guest appearance by a photobombing shoulder-mounted Carmac.

Crowd signs

It truly was the decade of God.

ReDeYe’s ALS ice bucket challenge

How kind of Flash to help out!

Spiderman and friend

A meeting of two cosplayers in between games.


This isn’t even his final form.

Major facepalm

James Mal Song supplements his translation with a universal gesture.

Snute’s disbelief at winning against CJ.herO

In total disbelief after taking out his opponent 2-1.

Flash’s winning moment

Pure exhilaration in photo form.

The Carmac lift

As is tradition.

Praising God


Carmac thanking Toronto teary-eyed

The feels are real.

Stay cool, Toronto!

You can check out more photos of Intel Extreme Masters Toronto on our Flickr, and stayed tuned for more post-event coverage over the coming days