The top 25 photos of League of Legends at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice

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With such upsets all over the weekend there were lots of amazing moments to be captured. We’ve gathered some of the top photos so you can relive the highlights!

The venue

The stage was amazing...

...and so was the crowd

The players and teams

This picture will forever remember the moment during which Team WE defeated the GE Tigers.

TSM grabs hold of the trophy for the very first time

Celebrations by Bjergsen and Lustboy, who both played phenomenal.

TSM loves their fans...

...and their fans love them.

Make love, not war, EU = NA


No description needed

The trophy

In the end, this is what it was all about

These were just 10 images out of our entire collection of photos from Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, make sure to check out the full album with the 25 top pictures in our Facebook album or head over to our Flickr to find every photo we took in Katowice, be it League, StarCraft II, CS:GO or Hearthstone!