The top 30 Dota 2 pictures of 2014

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2014 marked the first year of Dota 2 being part of ESL One, and Valve’s MOBA title was an instant success. The competition managed to draw a roaring crowd into the 2006 Football World Cup stadium in Frankfurt in the summer and filled up the famous Madison Square Garden Theater in New York later in the year. The fans got to see world-class Dota 2 players battle it out on the big stage, with us catching some of the best moments on camera.

ESL One Frankfurt

Are you not entertained!?

Dendi - the crowd favorite

Chuan and Loda

EternalEnvy can’t believe it

The ESL One Frankfurt trophy goes to Invictus Gaming

ESL One New York

No holding back

For the Alliance

The ESL One New York MVP Loda bows out

Vici Gaming are crowned champion

^Black lifts the trophy

You can check out the rest of the gallery in our Facebook album.