The top 40 StarCraft II photos of 2014

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Throughout 2014, ESL was happy to host numerous StarCraft II competitions, including the World Championship Series and multiple Intel Extreme Masters.

We amassed hundreds upon hundreds of pictures over the year and picked out 40 of the best for you to look back on - enjoy!

WCS America and Europe Season 1 Finals

MC wins the first WCS Europe season

WCS Europe Season 2 Finals

StarDust celebrates his first place trophy with San

WCS America Season 2 Finals

Hyun and Revival hanging out

Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen

Interviewing the Tyrant

Intel Extreme Masters Toronto

Scarlett competing at Intel Extreme Masters Toronto

WCS Europe Season 3 Finals

YoDa in action

WCS America Season 3 Finals

Polt advancing

Intel Extreme Masters San Jose

herO secures 2014’s last Intel Extreme Masters trophy

These were just some of the great photos from last year - be sure to check out our Facebook gallery for all 40 of our top StarCraft II photos of 2014!

Why not also take a look at our Flickr and for thousands more amazing photos from our events?