Top 7 best photos of Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen

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Ella McConnell
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One of the best ways to capture the fleeting but legendary moments that occur at all eSports events is through the medium of photography, and luckily for us we had the very talented Helena Kristiansson taking photos for us at Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Releasing your inner speed demon

Authentic racing experiences in Shenzhen.

Getting the next generation into video games

It’s always good to start young.

Crowd panorama

Taken during the League of Legends finals, this panorama is impressive to say the least.

The tradition of Carmac’s winner lifting lives on

Surely considered part of the prize by now.

LilSusie hat stacking

StarCraft 2 meets League of Legends as Susie ”LilSusie” Kim wears Rammus, Teemo and Poro hats simultaneously.

Jaedong in kitty ears

Supa kawaii~!

TaeJa proudly displaying his trophy

A winner’s well-deserved pride.

For more awesome photos from Intel Extreme Masters in Shenzhen, check out our Flickr album.