The top moments of ESL One at New York Super Week

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Patch 6.85 brought us a variety of new picks and strategies at ESL One at New York Super Week, resulting in some amazing plays and huge teamfights. Take a look at some of the best moments from last weekend at the Theater at Madison Square Garden below!

Saltier than the Dead Sea

Team Secret clean house

Ferrari_430 dodging Laguna Blade

Chuan lifts Clockwork out of Hookshot

Chuan Hookshot Lift

When you lift a hookshotting Clockwerk Mid-Hook & then steal it as Rubick; Just Chuan Things #ESLOne

Posted by ESL Dota 2 on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Vega’s perfect AA+QoP combo

Nothing is impossible

Team wipe courtesy of w33po

Can’t get enough of ESL One at New York Super Week? Check out our official event album on Flickr for the best photos from the tournament, and if you wanna read up on how the tournament went down then check out our ESL One at New York Super Week recaps: