The top ten plays from ESL One Frankfurt 2016

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Hans Oelschlägel
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ESL One Frankfurt just finished and it was a Dota 2 spectacle in the Commerzbank Arena! Thanks to having some of the world’s best teams on the big stage we got to witness big plays aplenty. From Rampages to five-man Chronos all the way to miraculous micro, ESL One Frankfurt had it all. Check out our ten favorite plays, assembled in no particular order.

Four kills at the 0:00 min rune fight? Check!


R-R-Rampage by Miracle-


DendiSaw with the Ultra Kill


MinD_ContRoL outplays nOtail 1v1


OG team wipe Na’Vi in the group stage


What a game saving RP from G


Na’Vi just can’t take down Fly’s Phoenix


The perfect 5 man Chrono from MinD_ContRoL


Dendi casually re-engaging with 25 life


9k MMR Healing Ward micro by Miracle-


You can find more clips, highlights and great moments from ESL One Frankfurt on our ESL Dota 2 Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!