The top ten plays of ESL One Manila 2016

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Hans Oelschlägel
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Three days of incredible Dota 2 action! ESL One Manila has only just concluded and it delivered a lot of memorable games, nailbiting series and insane plays. We’ve collected ten of the latter in no particular order aside from one particular play which will undoubtedly rank among the most amazing teamfights in all of Dota 2 history - take a look!

Enough talk - let's fight

Empire’s ridiculous base defense

DJ bringing out the micro


Taking them on one by one


Dinosaur on dinosaur crime


Secret take down EHOME


Rubick stealing ult after ult

Wombo combo!

Give him the rampage

Last but definitely not least and without exaggeration, one of the most incredible team fights in Dota 2 history!

Be sure to keep checking our ESL One Manila VOD playlist as we upload all the games over the coming days for you to enjoy again and again!

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