Tune in this weekend for the first North American Heroes of the Storm Fall Regional of 2016!

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Starting on Friday, August 5, the top Heroes of the Storm players from North America will gather in Burbank, California to battle for a share of the US$100,000 prize pool and a chance to represent their region at the Fall Global Championship at BlizzCon 2016. Read on to find out more about the top North American contenders and the schedule in store for this weekend’s Fall Regional #1.



Denial eSports

Murloc Geniuses

Astral Authority


Gale Force eSports


Vox Nihili

Team Name Change


Day 1 - Group A

  • Match 1 - Naventic vs. Astral Authority
  • Match 2 - Denial eSports vs. Murloc Geniuses
  • Match 3 - Winners Match
  • Match 4 - Elimination Match
  • Match 5 - Final Match

Day 2 - Group B

  • Match 6 - Gale Force eSports vs. Team Name Change
  • Match 7 - GulDansGame vs. Vox Nihili
  • Match 8 - Winners Match
  • Match 9 - Elimination Match
  • Match 10 - Final Match

Day 3 - Finals

  • Match 11 - Semifinals 1
  • Match 12 - Semifinals 2
  • Match 13 - Grand Finals


Tune in on the ESL Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel at 10AM PDT for all three days of action to see which team will go on to represent North America at the Fall Global Championship at BlizzCon. To be a part of the live studio audience, purchase tickets while they’re still available! Audience members will all receive a unique skin code for each day of the tournament they attend.

For live social coverage and the latest updates about the North American Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Circuit, follow ESL Heroes on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm social channels on Facebook and Twitter and add your voice to the conversation by using #HGC.