Two full best-of-5 highlighted the IEM Gyeonggi StarCraft II quarterfinals

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Hans Oelschlägel
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And then there were four! After yesterday’s Intel Extreme Masters Gyeonggi quarterfinal draw, we were left a number of exciting matchups, headlined by the highly anticipated series between Dark and ByuN. The matchup only came to be because ByuN surprisingly ended up as second place in his group behind Maru it certainly spiced up the rest of the already stacked bracket. Check out how the quarterfinals went down.


Three Zerg, three Terrans and two Protoss - what a perfect balance for the quarterfinals! And it doesn’t stop here, because today’s results have seen at least one player from each race advance to the semi finals.

  • Maru 1-3 Stats
  • INnoVation 3-0 Trust
  • soO 2-3 ByuL
  • Dark 3-2 ByuN

Now it’s time to look towards the semis and as you can see in the bracket below, we have some cracking matches lined up!

Tomorrow, we’ll continue with the first semifinal at approximately 15:10 KST, so be sure to tune in and follow IEM on Facebook and Twitter for live coverage and updates of the event.