Two new teams take the first Heroes of the Storm North American Open Qualifier

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Judy Heflin
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The Heroes Global Circuit Fall events have begun! Over the weekend, 21 teams battled in the first open qualifier in the hopes to secure a spot in the upcoming North America Fall Regional, which will happen on the weekend of August 5 live at the ESL Studios in Burbank, California. 

North American frontrunners Team Naventic and Gale Force eSports have already secured their spot in the first North America Fall Regional and now two more teams have joined the lineup: Crescendo and High Score. After numerous roster swaps across multiple teams, Heroes of the Storm veterans have reassembled to dominate the competition under new names.


  • Mike “Glaurung” Fisk, formerly of Brain Power
  • Keiwan “k1pro” Itakura, formerly of Cloud9
  • John “KingCaffeine” Lopez, formerly of Cloud9
  • Francis “MATRE” Gilbert-Brodeur, formerly of Team Name Change
  • Kyle “Prismaticism” Belaiche, formerly of Team Name Change


  • Kayla “Faye” Murray, formerly of Brain Power
  • Jeffrey “iakona” Dolan, formerly of Brain Power
  • Quinn "Srey" Fischer, formerly of Brain Power
  • Jason “Jason” Mei, formerly of Panda Global
  • Stafford “McIntyre” McIntyre, formerly of Team Naventic

If you missed any of the action check out Jake “SolidJake” Kulinski and Derek “DunkTrain” Arabian following Crescendo and Wade “Dreadnaught” Penfold and Kurt “Kaeyoh” Ocher commentating High Score’s matches throughout the first open qualifier.

For more information, take a look at the full bracket or download the Open Qualifier #1 replay pack.

Don’t miss the second open qualifier on Sunday, July 17 and stay tuned to the ESL Heroes Twitter and Facebook for all the updates as we head toward the Regionals!