Updated Pro League Transfer Regulations for Season 9

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With Season 9 approaching quickly, the teams are getting ready for Pro League again. The most important part of that for teams is obviously finalizing their lineup for the upcoming season. By upgrading the league to be fully played offline in Europe and Americas, the league also requires a re-work of the transfer regulations. The most important changes are outlined below:

1) Roster submission deadline 
-> Moved to 3 weeks before season start

This is due to travel bookings for all teams to the offline stage across Europe and Americas.

2) Trade deadline
-> Is now "5pm EST on the date that is three calendar days after the last scheduled match day of the pertinent regular Season for the League.”

Since every team ends the regular season on a different date (pending which group they play in), the trade deadline doesn't work as before anymore. It is now regarded as a deadline for teams to confirm their season finals roster.

A rule was added that a player can't play in a Pro League team, if he already played for another team in Pro League that season in order to prevent that teams trade in players just for the season finals.

3) ESEA team sheet.
-> Removed

That's not needed anymore due to the offline play.

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