UYU | Jeondding Talks Tekken at Saigon Cup 2018

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During Saigon Cup 2018 I was able to spend some time with FGC stars such as JeonDDing, NL and Core-A Gaming. I got some really functional insight into how they approach games. Being able to simply talk to these three about different games and concepts within the FGC has changed my current understanding of fighting games. Being a Tekken 7 competitor I am always searching for ways to reach that next level, I am extremely grateful for the time these three have given me as well as the insight that was provided. Here are some of the questions I asked JeonDDing leading up to Saigon Cup 2018. I would like to extend some sincere gratitude towards Core-A Gaming for translating JeonDDings answers into English. Without him, I would not have been able to write this.


I think the top 5 characters are Devil Jin, Paul, Jack, Dragunov, Kazumi

TOP 10 PLAYERS (Global)

In my opinion the top 10 players in the world are Knee, JDCR, Saint, Chanel, Noroma, Nobi, Take, Anakin, Naps and Qudans

What other games did you play before Tekken?

I started in the FGC with Tekken, but before that I played StarCraft. At the moment, I also play Street Fighter 5 too.

What is your advice to people who want to improve? (The best way to improve)

The most important thing is to watch gameplay, watching the top players and observing what the top players do is something that can help. I spend a lot of time observing the characteristics and strategies that high level players use. Being able to pick up on the thought process can really help understand a character’s limitations and strengths.

What is your mindset when you play in tournament?

My mindset has changed since Tekken has become more popular and especially now I’ve acquired a sponsor. Previously, I would play in a crazy way and didn't give much thought to the result of the battle. Since Tekken got more popular and I’m with UYU, my decisions and gameplay are more calculated. I have changed my gameplay to be more conservative and compact.

After a tournament loss, what are you looking for when you try to adapt?

I would observe the opponent and their bad habits when I lose a round or a game. When I am 1-0 down I will try to counter the opponent with what I categorise as small adjustments and playing well.If the score is equalised and I will use big adjustments that tie in to what I have noticed about the opponent. Using the big adjustments when I really need it is a strategy I try to use so that I can minimise the risk of the opponent countering me by changing their rhythm or gameplay.This means that I only use the bigger adjustments in critical moments or to win the set. Overall, I categorise the adjustments I make into small and big.


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