The League 2016/2017 starts today!

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Get ready for another season of World of Tanks with the Season 1 2016/2017, which kicks off today at 19:00 CEST!


This season brings some major changes to the structure of the League. Things are getting bigger than ever with the WGL taking place across four different regions. The CIS, APAC, and EU regions will have 12 teams per region with another 10 teams participating from North America.                                         

The Season will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 will see the teams of each region battle it out in round-robin format. For the bottom four rosters (two teams in North America’s case) the season ends then and there, but the top eight teams remain in the Gold Series and proceed into Phase 2.

In Phase 2, the eight remaining teams in each region will once again compete in a round-robin format to determine the final rankings. The two top ranked teams automatically get seeded into the quarterfinals for their regional Season 1 Finals, while the four teams in places three to six participate in online playoffs for the two remaining quarterfinal slots.

Once the Regional Season 1 Finals are decided and champions are crowned, the top two teams from EU, NA, and APAC will come together with two Wildcard teams for the Challengers’ Rumble where they will have a chance to progress to fight against the reigning champions.

The top two teams from the Challengers’ Rumble go through to the Champions’ Rumble, where they will face off against the last The Grand Finals winner Natus Vincere and another team from the CIS region. The winner automatically qualifies for The Grand Finals 2017.


The best teams in the European region will compete in the Gold Series with four shows every week (from Thursday to Sunday) beginning on August 4 and the season comes to a climax in the middle of October with the Season 1 Finals.


The CIS region will also have four shows a week with finals at the end of October.


In the NA region you will be able to enjoy two shows every week, with most shows being held on Tuesdays and Thursday. The season will end with finals in late October.


The APAC region will also have two shows a week, held on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.


Shows will be broadcasted on the following dedicated Twitch channels:

Be sure to follow each region’s Twitter and Facebook for live coverage of the matches and all the latest #WGL news.