The League Champions Rumble starts today!

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The Champions Rumble kicks off on Saturday, December 17 starting at 12:30PM MSK, 10:30AM CET, and 1:30AM PT. Four of the best teams in the world have qualified for this one of  a kind event with gameplay that you usually do not see outside of the Grand Finals. They will be facing off for a combined US$160,000 prize pool and one team will earn a spot in the Grand Finals 2017. Don’t miss this incredible event live on .


DinG and Kanza Kru, both WGLEU teams, qualified through the Challenger Rumble last month. They fought through the best teams that NA and APAC had to offer to arrive at this Champion’s Rumble. DiNG will look to continue their undefeated season against the CIS teams that are widely regarded as the best there is. Kazna Kru will look to hold on against the previous Grand Finals Champions, Na’Vi, in the opening rounds.

Na’vi and TORDADO will be the two teams that qualified through the CIS Season Finals. They may meet again in a repeat of the the last CIS finals and the last Grand Finals if they are able to beat their first round opponents. Na’Vi will look to pad their pedigree that already has two Grand Finals wins and TORNADO will look to one up Na’Vi as they have fallen just short of them the last few times the two teams met.


These four teams will be competing for US$160k in prize money from the Champions Rumble. First place will be going home with US$80k and an automatic berth in the Grand Finals 2017. Second place will earn US$40k while third and fourth place each take home US$20k.

The viewers will be taking home prizes too from this event. There will be what we call quests set up on the site. If you look at the right sidebar, there will be objectives you have to complete in order to enter into a drawing to win cool prizes like tanks and gold! You could have to do things like watch for a certain amount of time, vote in polls, or share something on social media. New Quests start often so if you missed one don’t worry. Just remember to keep your adblocker off on the site, otherwise your information will not get sent and we will not know if you completed the quest or not.

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