This was ESL One Cologne 2015! The post-event coverage roundup

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ESL One Cologne 2015 was the biggest Counter-Strike event to date. Also a Valve major, it saw the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams clash at the LANXESS Arena in Cologne, Germany for the all-important championship title as well as their share of a massive US$250,000 prize pool. Here we’ve collected some of our best ESL One Cologne coverage - what was your favorite moment?

The Road to Cologne series

This article series shone a spotlight on ESL One Cologne 2015’s participating regions and teams in the leadup to the event. Looking at the past, present and potential futures of all competitors from challengers to legends, we could but guess at what would actually go down in Cologne.

Interviews and predictions

Players and personalities can offer exclusive insight into how events might unfold. ESL One Cologne was no different, and so we took the opportunity to speak with the commentators as well as Happy of Team EnVyUs to see what they thought of the teams’ chances.

Daily recaps

As well as preceding the event with a handy survival guide, we also produced daily recaps of all the CS:GO action during both the group stage and the main event at the LANXESS Arena - you can find all of them below.

Post-event coverage

ESL One Cologne 2015 was a huge event, resulting in some truly legendary moments both on and offstage. Below you can relive some of the best as well as check out some of the events incredible numbers.

If you missed - or want to relive - any of the action, be sure to check out the VODs on the ESL YouTube channel and all the fantastic photos of the event on our Flickr.

The ESL ESEA Pro League in Dubai is fast approaching - find out more about this massive CS:GO event at its official homepage.