WCS Challenger matchups and dates confirmed

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After seven rounds of qualifiers, the final 28 players are set to battle it out in the WCS 2015 European qualifier to decide who gets the coveted 14 spots for the WCS Premiere League. The competition will take place from Thursday to Saturday next week - see below for all the matchups and dates!


Thursday 22nd January

18:00 CET

Welmu vs. Beastyqt

~ 19:30 CET

Happy vs. Majestic

~ 21:00 CET

MaNa vs. HeRoMaRinE

~ 22:30 CET

Harstem vs. Serral



Friday 23rd January

18:00 CET

uThermal vs. Bly

~ 19:30 CET

ShoWTimE vs. Lilbow

~ 21:00 CET

BlinG vs. MorroW

~ 22:30 CET

TheLittleOne vs. ret



Saturday 24th January

15:00 CET

TargA vs. Kas

~ 16:30 CET

Snute vs. Psionic

~ 18:00 CET

Starbuck vs. FireCake

~ 19:30 CET

forGG vs. Mlord

~ 21:00 CET

Nerchio vs. NaNiwa

~ 22:30 CET

Bunny vs. Ptitdrogo

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