WGL adds two more analysts for the EU Season 1 Regional Finals this Sunday!

Krystian Kukliński
Contributing Editor
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During the WGL EU Season 1 Regional Finals, taking place this Sunday in Katowice, Poland, from 13:30 CEST, our regular casters Daki, Mojo and Ectar will be joined by two excellent analysts. Kevin “TheDeadzone” van Huit and Michał “vale” Radecki will accompany the well known casters and bring a lot to the table with their wide spread experience in the World of Tanks scene.

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Kevin “TheDeadzone” van Huit

Kevin has started playing World of Tanks shortly after the beta release in 2011. Later some friends of his reinforced his interest for the game. “World of Tanks is a tactical game which requires not only raw aiming skills but also situational awareness and tactical knowledge. This makes the game interesting for people to play.”  Having found an interest in the competitive aspects of the game, he started following the esports scene. This motivated him to form his own team with which he tried to reach the League. For good or ill, this ended up being less of a success.

He then decided to join WASD Gaming, who secured a slot in the League at that time. Through the consecutive seasons they were known as WASD Gaming, CPlay and PENTA Sports. With the team they had their highs and lows, from taking the 2nd place in Season 1 of 2015/2016 and attending World Cyber Arena in China to not reaching the LAN finals in the following and last season for PENTA Sports, who only made the 7th place that season. After this chapter, he decided to join Kazna Kru because the team showed consistency throughout the seasons, being one of the European powerhouses. They performed well once more this Season, securing a 3rd place and qualifying for the LAN finals.

Michał “Vale” Radecki

Michał started playing World of Tanks back in 2012 with a colleague from work and university, who asked him to drive some tanks together. Because he was always into games and military, he agreed without hesitation. His first five thousand games were really casual and he didn't care about the statistics, it was purely for fun. After that period Vale started watching a lot of streams of professional players, to dive deeper into the game’s mechanics and improve his personal play.

From that time on, he was constantly improving and finally got noticed by an ESL team playing Silver Series, ASAP. After Season 1 of the Silver League they advanced into Gold Series through the open qualification. One season later, he was offered to join one of the best teams in the league, PENTA Sports. While being in this team Michał had the pleasure to go to Yinchuan, China to play in the World Cyber Arena tournament, which he considers his biggest achievement so far. This season Vale played for the Polish team Out of Range while also playing in the one of best European organisations, FAME.

A weekend packed with World of Tanks action!

Besides the European Regional finals, starting Sunday at 13:30 CEST, you can also catch all the action from the North American, this Saturday, 22nd of October, from 11:00 PST live from Burbank, as well as the APAC Regional Finals, 22nd of October, starting at 14:00 AEDT, live from Sydney.

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