Win your share of over €40,000 in this February's Go4 tournaments

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The first cups of February may already be concluded, but you still have time to make a name this month and win your share of a total of over €40,000 in our Go4 tournaments on ESL Play. Pick your game, sign up for the cups and show your opponents and the fans on the various streams what you are able to pull off!

Find all details on the Go4 hub over on ESL Play

The Go4 tournaments on ESL, which started back with Go4 StarCraft II during its beta, give players and teams a chance to shine and win prize money on a regular basis. Also, doing good in the Go4 tournaments helps you and your team being recognized and to build your career from here. In Hearthstone, for example, you are now able to score points towards the Hearthstone Championship Tour by going top eight in one of our weekly cups.

"Go4SC2 is the most stable series out there. It's already been running for almost seven years already. It's been giving me and other players an opportunity to earn some money and respect every week." - Bly, SC2 player for Team expert

Outstanding performances in January

Last month, a couple of players and teams have shown their skills through multiple cups as well as in the monthly finals. Not everyone of them was able to win it all, but they constantly placed among the best and are the outstanding Go4 participants of January 2017:

"We really enjoy the Go4s and we think that ESL x Splatoon is a great step into the future. With the launch of Splatoon 2 this summer we'd love to see more tournaments from ESL for the competitive community" - Shadow, Splatoon team captain of Extermination

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