X marks the spot: League Season 2 to include Tier Xs!

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Oliver Maxfield
Associate Product Manager and Commentator
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With the Continental Rumble now over, it’s time to look towards the next season of the League Europe.

It’s been a long time coming, but World of Tanks is finally ready to move into the highest echelon of the game - Tier X. These metal goliaths epitomize the extremes of armored combat and will bring a whole new dimension of gameplay to the competitive scene.

The format breaks down as follows:

  • Seven tanks, 68 tier points
  • Best-of-nine with a tiebreaker map if the scores are level 4-4
  • Adjusted map pool to include eight maps
  • Two rounds per map, one attack and one defense with a total of five maps possible per match

We believe this format brings World of Tanks esports in line with other competitive elements in the game, and will be providing more interesting strategies and tank lineups where armor will play a more significant role (and thus individual player skill also plays a greater role).

We hope that you enjoy the next season of the League Europe as we head towards The Grand Finals 2016 and many new cool and exciting features for esports fans to enjoy in the near future - be sure to tune in from 19:00 CET today!

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See you on the battlefield and #RollOut!