Xbox App Christmas Special: Win an Astro A40 and more!

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Xbox App Christmas Special 
Christmas Eve is not that far away. It’s perfect timing to get your hands on some really cool prizes which we will be raffling out amongst ALL Xbox App participants. The competition will be running between December 1 to December 31, thus you can get yourselves some nice post Christmas presents.

Every time you check-in and play, it will count as one raffle ticket. The more cups you play in, the higher chance of winning. If you place first in a cup, you will get an additional ticket, granting you a total of two tickets. Winning isn’t everything, don’t forget that even if you don’t win, you’re still helping your chances of being drawn in the raffle just by playing in these cups. This applies for every game and gamemode we have to offer e.g. 1on1 and team based. Take a look below at what you could be winning in time for Christmas!

How it works
1 Xbox App cup check-in (not only sign-up) = 1 raffle ticket
1 Xbox App cup win = 1 additional raffle ticket
Counting for all Xbox App cups in December
Big raffle at the end including all raffle tickets of all participants

The Prizes
2x Astro A40 Headsets incl. Mixamps [White]
1x Atomic Super Sport Steering Wheel
1x Atomic Gallardo Steering Wheel
1x TurtleBeach Ear Force P11 Headset
10x Battlefield 4 Xbox One discs
5x HDMI cable

We wish all participants the best of luck. For further questions or queries, please use the comment box below.

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