Xinok wins the Latin American June Mortal Kombat X Challenger Cup Finals

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Although Season 3 of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League came to an end, the war was far from over. One final opportunity remained to compete in the final MKX Challenger Cup. The top 4 seeded players of their respective regions qualified for the Monthly Finals to battle for cash prizes in a best-of-five double elimination bracket.


Last month’s champion, BM Dante, has solidified himself as one of the most dominant forces in the Latin America region for the Challenger Cup. On the other hand, EXEceptional managed to earn a qualifying spot for the first time this season. In previous Challenger Cups, Dante has been known for his explosive Jax and Alien gameplay. However, the set started off with Dante testing the waters with his Kotal Kahn against EXEceptional’s Scorpion. After Dante narrowly took the first game, EXEceptional immediately answered back with a dominating Game 2. Refusing to go down another point, Dante immediately switched characters to his respected Alien to eventually take the set 3-1.

While Crazy_Faster has also qualified for the Monthly Finals each of the three months, Johnny Cage specialist KillerXinok finally fought his way into the Monthly Finals. Throughout most of the Challenger Cup, Xinok was within arm’s reach of securing a spot but always seemed to fall short after being eliminated by players like Crazy_Faster and Dante. The set between both players began as it always seemed to, with Faster taking the first game over Xinok. After falling to Faster numerous times in the past, this was Xinok’s final chance to exact his revenge. After a rough start, Xinok had his chance to utilize his unbelievable rushdown, taking three straight games to win the set 3-1.

In the winners finals for the June Monthly Challenger Cup Finals, Dante was next to face off against Xinok’s unrelenting Johnny Cage. Dante opted to go straight to Alien, but although Dante narrowly took the first game, Xinok made some impressive adjustments to take the next two points. With Xinok sitting on set point, Dante made one final effort with his Wrestler Jax. The switch proved to be much more successful as he managed to tie the set 2-2. Although the momentum seemed to be in Dante’s favor, Xinok’s perfect spacing and flawless execution lead to him advancing to grand finals 3-2.

Faster and Dante met in the losers finals to see who would be given the opportunity to take down Xinok in the grand finals. In their past run-ins, Faster always seemed to get the best of Dante. This time however, Dante had a new trick up his sleeve as he surprised the masses by picking Relentless Jason against Faster’s Takeda to kick off the set. Despite the exciting and unexpected pick, Faster made quick work of it to take the lead 1-0. After such a harsh first match, Dante immediately made the switch to Jax. Faster was ready for it however, as he managed to go up 2-0. With Dante being on his last legs, he unleashed the beast with Jax. Dante executed suffocating pressure and quickly tied the set 2-2. Although Dante was on the verge of the comeback he so desperately wanted, Faster repeated history by taking the set over Dante 3-2, eliminating the defending champion.

After losing to Xinok earlier in the tournament, Faster knew he had to make some serious adjustments if he wanted the title of the June Challenger Cup Champion. With Xinok comfortably sitting in the winner’s side of the grand finals, Faster had his work cut out for him. This was the last stand, and both Faster and Xinok stuck with their main characters, Shirai Ryu Takeda and A-List Johnny Cage, respectively. The set started off in a familiar fashion with Xinok two quick rounds to take a 1-0 lead. In Game 2, Faster took advantage of Xinok’s mistakes to secure the first round. However, a fix in execution lead to Xinok taking Game 2.

Throughout most of the set, Faster was up close and personal against Xinok’s Cage. In Game 3, Faster opted to take a different approach to the match up. Utilizing the max distance with Takeda, Faster managed to control Xinok from long range. The new game plan was much more efficient as Faster took a game off Xinok. Although Faster’s new plan gave Xinok some serious trouble in game 3, Xinok spaced out Takeda’s long ranged normals and punished accordingly; leading to Xinok earning a  3-1 victory as well as claiming the title of Champion for the June MKX Challenger Cup Finals!

As the June Mortal Kombat X Challenger Cup Finals comes to an end, so does the entirety of Season 3. The epic conclusion of both the Pro League and the Challenger Cup proves that with every season, competition grows and tensions rise. For all the latest information about the #MKXProLeague, be sure to follow ESL Mortal Kombat on Facebook and Twitter.