“You have to focus on the path you’re on”: Mortal Kombat X Season 3 Finalist A F0xy Grampa

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NAME: Denom Jones
HANDLE: PXP A F0xy Grampa
HOMETOWN: Hertfordshire, England
TWITTER: @A_F0xy_Grampa
TWITCH: Af0xyg

ESL: What was your most memorable moment from the Season 3 qualifiers? Why does it stand out among the rest of your experiences this season?
A F0xy Grampa: I think Perfect Legend making 5th at Combo Breaker is my most memorable part of the qualifiers. [He came] out of nowhere and is returning for the 3rd time. As soon as I saw him beat YOMI ForeverKing, I had a feeling he was the one to get the spot that weekend.

ESL: With the Finals quickly approaching, how have you been preparing? 
A F0xy Grampa: Making sure the b, the 1, and the 2 buttons function properly on my pad.

ESL: Who would you say is your biggest threat?
A F0xy Grampa: As always, myself. When I lose I tend to stupid myself to death, or remain ignorant to something. I just need to play the game and have fun, that's when I'm my strongest. Of course I'm not going to downplay the skill of the other players there because they're all ridiculous too.

ESL: Who are you looking forward to facing the most in the Finals?
A F0xy Grampa: George Edward. You have to focus on the path you're on, not just about where it leads to.

ESL: What is your goal now that you are competing in the Season 3 Finals?
A F0xy Grampa: Dispense these vitamins (b12), collect that $$$$$$$, harvest the tears.

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