Yunktis beat the undefeated Orbit to claim the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 2 championship title on PC

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After Denial Esports dominated on Xbox One, the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 2 Finals on PC in Leicester this past weekend didn’t disappoint. The day started with an insanely close three-map series that went to Yunktis, followed by a calm and composed Orbit victory to set the stage for the grand finals. Yunktis took it home after winning two maps without needing overtime and handed Orbit their second and third map losses of the entire season to claim the championship title.


The closest map of the day went to Yunktis on Clubhouse with a 6-5 victory to open up the competition. For many teams a loss like that would completely break their composure, but Flipsid3 battled back to take Chalet 5-3. Chalet looked fairly one-sided for Flipsid3 despite Yunktis taking three rounds. If a pair of clutch kills had gone the other way it could have been 5-1 in favor of Flipsid3. Luckily for Yunktis, they were able to fight for several rounds keeping them in a good mental state headed into Game 3. Yunktis closed out consulate 5-3 and advanced to the grand finals after almost two and a half hours of play.


The second series of the day also went to a third game. GIFU took Chalet 5-2 and simply looked much more prepared to play the map than Orbit, perhaps in part thanks to the constant bans of Chalet against Orbit during the regular season. After the first loss, Orbit regrouped and never looked back. A 5-3 defeat on Clubhouse broke GIFU. Orbit moved onto Kanal and it wasn’t even close. Orbit dominated the map 5-0 and won rounds handily in what was by far one of their cleanest games of the season.


Orbit had just tasted their first loss in over two months and unfortunately for them it wouldn’t get any better. A questionable veto process left Consulate up first, a map that Yunktis had just played to great success against Flipsid3 earlier in the day. Yunktis showed their prowess on the map a second time taking a 5-3 victory. The second map was Clubhouse and Yunktis once again finished out the game with a 5-3 score to take the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 2 championship title on PC.


Season 3 of the Rainbow Six Pro League kicks off on Monday, August 29 and it isn’t too late to get in on the last qualifier! You and your friends could be joining the pros in all of the Season 3 action! As always, make sure to follow ESL Rainbow Six on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest #R6PL news!