UYU | Oil King Talks Street Fighter 5 at Versus Fighting 2018

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I was able to interview UYU | Oil King at Versus Fighting 2018 in Birmingham, UK. Having previously met him at Saigon Cup 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This time I managed to get some time to talk Street Fighter.


So how do you feel about the most recent changes to Rashid?

I think Rashid has been nerfed a lot, but he is still okay. I just need to think more about Rashid and how he plays against other characters. For example the CPT event in Indonesia, we were able to see Gachikun win the event with Rashid. So I think, even though Rashid has been nerfed a lot, Rashid is still viable.

If you had 3 buffs to give to Rashid, what 3 buffs would you give to Rashid?

I just want Rashid to be like Season 2 Rashid, where he can perform cross-ups better and had better skills. Season 2 Rashid was very strong.

Who is the most underrated Street Fighter 5 player, someone who is very good but not very famous?

If you played Street Fighter 4, then you will know who he is. A Taiwanese player called RB. I think RB is very strong.

What matchups do you think Rashid struggles with?

Cammy, Akuma and Guile.

What games did you play before Street Fighter 5?

Before Street Fighter 5, I played Street Fighter 4 and I played Rolento and Cammy. And before this, I played King of Fighters. King of Fighters is very popular in China, Taiwan and the rest of the Asia region.

I know that Jeondding plays Street Fighter 5 because you and NL play Street Fighter 5. Has Jeondding as your teammate made you want to play Tekken?

So right now, we have Tekken 7. When Tekken 7 first came out, I tried to play. I was in practice mode for one hour trying to perform a combo. It was very difficult, after this I gave up.

What first made you play Street Fighter 5?

I played Street Fighter 5 because I fell in love with Street Fighter 4. But, I began with Street Fighter 4 because of GamerBee. In Street Fighter 4, GamerBee was in the EVO grand finals twice. When I was young I wanted to be like GamerBee, I was a big GamerBee fan.

What advice would you give to new Street Fighter 5 players?

You need to fall in love with the game first. Take it one step at a time and try to improve gradually. In the beginning it's necessary to play more, but when you play for a long time, you need to think more and then play.

How do you feel about the CPT?

I think that the CPT has too many tournaments, it is very tiring.

So would you like more breaks in between? Possibly a longer season?

Yes, but I think it is very difficult. Every country wants their own tournament and wants to grow as a community. To exclude certain cities from the CPT would be very difficult to do.

But from my perspective as a pro player, the CPT is very tiring.

Are there any changes you would make to the current CPT?

Currently, the top 8 is all FT3. Everything else is FT2. I think if the entire tournament was FT3, it would be better.

But I know this would be difficult because there are a lot of players. If every match is a FT3, it would take a very long time. I do feel that FT3 would eliminate some aspect of luck, in a FT2 there are cases where players might be lucky.

I actually hosted a tournament in Taiwan, the winner of this would be sponsored to go to any Asian CPT. I made the entire event FT3. I believe that it is more fair.

Do you have any training partners?

Yes, in Taiwan I have many training partners. For example, RB, GamerBee and other strong Taiwanese players. I also train with other players online in Asia. Players like Shen, HumanBomb and HotDog.

Who in your opinion are the top 5 characters this season?

Cammy, Guile, Menat, Akuma and Ibuki.

Who in your opinion are the bottom 5 characters this season?

Hmm, I don’t really think about this question too much. In my opinion in Street Fighter 5, there is no clear bottom 5. The game in the past had a bigger difference in terms of skill between characters. This version is more balanced, I think lower tier characters have a viable chance to beat top tier characters.

Why did you decide to main Rashid?

This is actually a long and funny story. So, I have one friend who I have a rivalry with. We always have very long sets and play against each other. When the Street Fighter 5 trailer came out, we decided to pick one character each. I liked the look of Rashid because he had lots of mixups and skills I liked so I picked Rashid. That is why I played Rolento in the past. My friend chose Necalli.

What do you think of other Fighting Games?

I think now the FGC in eSports is a small group. But year by year, the FGC is growing. Even though I only play Street Fighter 5 I enjoy watching other Fighting Games. I think the FGC is in a very good place right now.

Thank you again to the UYU team for allowing me to do this and of course to UYU | Oil King himself. An extremely humble and talented player.

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