The 2015 Hearthstone European Championship approaches!

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On October the 3rd and 4th, the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, will be the host of the European Road to BlizzCon - the region’s largest esports event. A prequel to the grand spectacle that will be BlizzCon, the Road To BlizzCon will see tournaments in Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

The Hearthstone European Championship will feature a hefty US$25,000 prize pool and will see its top four players secure a slot in the BlizzCon finals, where they will compete among some of the best players in the world.

The last call tournament

The last call tournament will be open to all players from Europe who have earned at least two Hearthstone World Championship points during the qualifying period. The tournament will be played on September the 5th and 6th, with players who have enough points to participate to be contacted by ESL at the beginning of September.

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The European qualifier

The European qualifier will feature 40 of Europe’s best Hearthstone players who also took part in the Hearthstone World Championship season. The following players will be eligible to partake in the European qualifier:

  • The top 23 players according to Hearthstone World Championship points
  • The Fireside Gathering champion
  • The top 16 players from the last call tournament

The first rounds will be played on September the 12th and 13th, with the final rounds following on September the 18th to 20th.

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The European qualifier will determine which eight players will get a chance to compete at the Road to BlizzCon European Championship in Prague and fight for the four available slots at the BlizzCon finals in Anaheim, USA.

With so much on the line, we can expect tons of exciting top-notch Hearthstone action - good luck!