Announcing Dota 2 Major League for Europe!

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Up until now, over 70 Go4Dota 2 cups have been played on ESL Play. After gathering valuable feedback from the community, the time has come to evolve Go4Dota 2 weekly cups into the Dota 2 Major League!

How it works

The main goal of the Major League is to provide participants with much needed flexibility when it comes to where their matches are played. The League System is divided into seasons with the teams being split out into groups. Each team has one match per week which can rescheduled within a two-week period in accordance to the team’s needs. All teams fight for the top place in their respective group which means winning prize money as well as being promoted to a higher division. This season, division one has a prize pool of €1,000 waiting for the best teams.

Find all details about the Dota 2 Major League here!

Pre-season qualifier

Before the first begins, there will be a pre-season qualifier in order to determine in which divisions the teams will be placed in. At the end of the qualifier, the teams will be split into groups on a round-robin distribution. The better results in the qualifier, the higher division your team will be joining so be prepared!

Everyone can join for the pre-season qualifier so be sure to assemble your team and sign up here!

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