ESL to bring League of Legends to MCM London Comic Con!

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Philipp Saedler
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From the 24th to the 26th of October, London will see MCM Comic Con be the site of a big step for the UK League of Legends scene. In cooperation with Intel, ESL is proud to be hosting the MCM League of Legends Invitational, which is not only meant to entertain the masses at MCM but also help take competitive League of Legends to the next level in the UK.

The six teams who’ll be taking part in the tournament come from very different facets of the scene. Three have been invited due to their performances on a national and international level. Facing these three top teams are two who took part in the open qualifiers held by ESL UK as well as a final team who qualified via the National University eSports League.

  • FM-eSports
  • Team Infused
  • Perilous Gaming
  • U WOT M8
  • Mistakes Were Made
University qualified
  • University of Nottingham
Enjoy three action-packed days of League either live at the ExCel in London or on our Twitch stream. The games will be held on Friday at 14:00 BST, Saturday at 9:00 BST and Sunday starting at 10:00 BST, with the grand final scheduled for 14:45 BST. Check the official MCM League of Legends Invitational website for the full schedule, stream and more.

Who do you think will come out on top of this tournament? Tell us in the comments below!