ESL One Frankfurt Asia Qualifier

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ESL Asia has partnered with Southeast Asian eSports event organizer Mineski-Events Team (MET)! MET put together the Mineski Pro-Gaming League SEA Finals last year, and ESL Asia recognizes their superb ability in making quality eSports events in the region. MET will be directly involved with ESL Asia in running eSports activities inside the local scene.

MPGL SEA Grand Finals event held last year (photos courtesy of Mineski-Events Team)

Open qualifications per country

Selected countries will have their own country qualifiers to determine their representatives. The selected countries are Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. For countries not listed, they are to participate in the single "Rest of Asia" qualifiers. Each tournament will follow a single elimination format and is set for one day. The top two teams from each country (except Japan and Rest of Asia, where only one team will qualify) qualify for SEA Battle Royale.

Dates for the open qualifications per country are as follows:
  • April 19th 2014 - Malaysia, Singapore
  • April 20th 2014 - Philippines, Vietnam
  • April 26th 2014 - Indonesia, Thailand
  • April 27th 2014 - South Korea, Japan, Rest of Asia
All qualifiers listed above start at 12:00 GMT+8 on their respective dates.

SEA Battle Royale

The second phase of the qualifiers is the SEA Battle Royale. The 16 teams who qualified from the open qualifications will fight to get slots in the Asia Finals stage. Similar to the European and American qualifiers, this phase will pit the teams against each other in a group stage format. Teams that survive the group stage will then fight in another single elimination tournament. The SEA Battle Royale is set to take place this May 3rd to 4th 2014.

Asia Finals

Six seeded teams plus two teams from the Battle Royale will compete. The six seeded teams are to be announced. The Asia Finals will have group stages for the first round and then double elimination. The winner will qualify for the ESL One Grand Finals and fly to Germany! The Asia Finals will take place some time in early May 2014.  

You and your team can register for the ESL One Asia Qualifiers here:

Click here to go to the ESL One Asia Qualifiers website

Registration Links

All qualifiers listed below start at 12:00 GMT+8 on their respective dates.

April 19th 2014 April 20th 2014 April 26th 2014 April 27th 2014