ESL to take over production of WCS America 2014 Season 1

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The ESL will be the operator of the remainder of World Championship Series America in Season I of 2014 following NASL's announcement that they’re unable to continue operating the league.

All remaining WCS America shows as well as studio events will be produced out of the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany.  The remaining round of 32 groups played online will be broadcasted as originally scheduled, on March 11 and March 12 with Kevin “RotterdaM” van der Kooi and Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant as the commentators.

The Round of 16 groups will be played on a new date of April 5-6 (two groups a day) in the ESL studio in Cologne which has been home to WCS Europe for almost a year, with the players present as well as a live studio audience.  We have already begun working with players on their travel arrangements to Germany.  The finals for both WCS Europe and WCS America will take place in the ESL studio in Cologne on April 10-13.

We are fully committed to bringing the StarCraft community the best possible WCS America experience and would like to reassure everyone that the quality at which we produce WCS Europe will not be affected in any way.