The foreign hope burns bright in WCS RO16

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For the second day running in the StarCraft II WCS RO16, foreign hopefuls have topped the RO8 qualifications. On Tuesday, Juan “VortiX” Moreno Durán qualified in first place and yesterday Jens “Snute” Aasgaard raced to join him.

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The first game of the day played out as many expected it would, with Jung "Jjakji" Ji Hoon convincingly defeating Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen 2-0. The game that followed saw the two lesser-known foreign hopes battling it out in what would be Snute’s 2-1 victory, sending him through to face Jjakji in the next round. What happened there was slightly unexpected. As it turns out, Jjakji, boasting an impressive 88% win rate against Zerg, was no match for the Norwegian. We caught up with Shaun “Apollo” Clark, who had this to say about Snute’s first place qualification:



“Yesterday we saw Snute demonstrate his strong mechanical style - in the winner’s interview, he even described himself as a robot! What this means and what we saw were strictly mapped out build orders at a high playing speed, which allowed him to perfect his macro. A super defence Snute who sees everything and misses nothing simply outclassed his opponents, and despite only winning 2-1 in both games he played, he definitely looked the better player moving into the RO8.”

For more on Snute, catch Ken “HotBid” Chen’s WCS interview with him below:

Down in the lower half of the bracket, Grubby squared off against Dayshi for a chance to move on to the RO8. The Dutchman struggled in the first game against the French Terran player, eventually losing the map after being unable to keep up with the unpredictable game play. The second game sadly offered Grubby no reprieve as he was kicked out by the Smooth Operator.

The lower bracket final was a series of three quick games. Whilst Dayshi took the first map with a hellion-based attack and looked ready to take the series, Jjakji fought back in games two and three. The latter saw the Korean Terran player use Dayshi’s own game one tactics against him, thus winning him the third map.

Don’t forget that the WCS RO16 continues tonight at 18:00 CET over on with Group C. James “Kaelaris” Carrol put together a preview of the action over on Reddit, which you can check out here. See you then!