Four teams remain, one will become champion

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The second day of the League Grand Finals has come to an end, and four teams have been knocked out of the tournament. After yesterday's group stage, only eight teams stood at the start of the playoffs, but four had to be eliminated.

The bracket looked predictable in all matchups but one: Virtus.Pro vs The RED Rush: Unity. Seen as the strongest team in the competition, Virtus.Pro was still the favorite, but not by much. After their dominating performance in the group stage, RR:Unity looked to be on par with all of their opponents, and they proved this against Virtus.Pro. The match was neck-and-neck, and battles were won on either side, but it was Virtus.Pro who came out ahead (although just barely) and defeated their opponents.

In the other brackets, things went as expected as the Western teams took down their Eastern counterparts. The upper bracket semifinals saw matchups you'd expect in the finals of any other tournament except this one, with both Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro taking down their opponents with great ease and moving on the day three.

In the lower brackets, RR:Unity and PVP Superfriends were able to cling on to their tournament chance and knock out their opponents. RR:Unity met Lemming Train and, surprisingly, took them down without too much hassle. Fnatic met with the Southeast Asian PVP Superfriends on the field and a fierce battle ensued. In perhaps one of the most unexpected results of the tournament, PVP Superfriends defeated the American team and crushed Fnatic's tournament chances.

The final day of the League Grand Finals will be the deciding one for these four teams. Only one of them can become champion and take home the Monolith. Who will emerge victorious - Virtus.Pro, Natus Vincere, The RED Rush:Unity or PVP Superfriends? Find out today at!

For more information, check out the official League Grand Finals website.