Hearthstone Americas Championship kicks off!

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This weekend, New York will get to see the final American BlizzCon qualification matches. At the Manhattan Hammerstein Ballroom, the American Championships in both Hearthstone and World of Warcraft will decide who’ll take the last spots at BlizzCon in both games. To celebrate the action, we are giving away Hearthstone card packs and virtual BlizzCon tickets! Take part below:

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The Hearthstone action will be presented to you by none other than Dan “Frodan” Chou, Ryan “REALZ” Masterson and Erik “DoA” Loonquist. They will join 16 of the region's best Hearthstone players as they compete for the coveted BlizzCon tickets.

Hearthstone Americas World Championship participants:
Hyped vs. Stunner Firebat vs. Twisted
thatsAdmirable vs Ant Deathstar vs. Strifeco
Group C Group D
Chakki vs. Tarei  TidesofTime vs. Kuhaku
DTWO vs. itProtoHype Jab  vs. Deerjason

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