The Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen brackets for StarCraft II are set!

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Intel Extreme Masters will kick off Season 10 in Shenzhen in just a few days. We’ve already met the eight players who emerged victorious in the regional qualifiers, and now they will be joined by players selected through the open bracket based on their WCS rankings. It’s time to see how the brackets for the tournament look!

The groups

Group A

  • TY
  • Jaedong
  • Heart
  • Open bracket player

Group B

  • Classic
  • Snute
  • Rain
  • Open bracket player

Group C

  • herO
  • uThermal
  • Jim
  • Open bracket player

Group D

  • XY
  • Kelazhur
  • PartinG
  • Open bracket player

Due to visa issues, Stardust, who won the American qualifier, will be replaced by Kelazhur, who took the third place spot.

The best players from around the world will soon be traveling to Shenzhen to battle it out for Intel Extreme Masters victory! We are bound to see tons of exciting StarCraft II action, especially in Group B, which could easily be labelled the group of death.

Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen begins on Thursday the 16th of July! Be sure not to miss out on any important updates about the event by following Intel Extreme Masters on Twitter and Facebook as well as visiting the official website.