Introducing the ESL Xbox One app!

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Ella McConnell
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ESL is excited to announce the launch of the first of its kind ESL Xbox One eSports app, which not only allows players from Europe and North America to connect and compete against each other but also means that the next generation of console players will no longer need extra devices and browsers in order to compete.

The ESL Xbox One app allows gamers to:
  • Find, sign up and submit results for ESL matches and cups
  • Track their individual progress in past and current ESL competitions
  • View and contact teammates and opponents via their gamertags
  • Read the latest eSports news right here on
However, that’s not all. There are also loads more features to come including full team functionality, so stay tuned for all the latest additions to the ESL Xbox One app’s functionality we have in store, which are all designed to make your console eSports experience even better.

Andreas Hofmann, lead Xbox One developer at ESL, said of the ESL Xbox One app:

“All of us here at ESL are gamers ourselves, which definitely helped when designing the application. We asked ourselves what we would want to see and what we would want prioritized, and we’re confident that we’ve done our fellow gamers proud.”

For more information on the upcoming ESL Xbox One app, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel as well as ESL Play. Additionally, make sure to post any feedback you have on the Xbox One App section of the ESL forums!