OpTic, TCM and many more taking part in the Halo MCC Launch Invitational

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Teams are set! The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational is taking form. After the announcement of the team captains last week for the upcoming tournament in Southern California, the captains have made their decisions and the full team rosters are set in stone. Here is what the teams will look like:

The rosters

StK Heinz © , OGRE2, Royal 2, Snakebite, Coach: Diesel
OpTic Halo Flamesword © , Pistola, Ace, SnipedownCoach: Elamite
Believe The Hype Formal © , LxthulaPG, Maniac, Coach: Mr. X
The Agency Ninja © , Hysteria, FearItSelf, Victory, Coach: Towey 
VwS Gaming Naded © , Legit, Goofy, MikwenCoach: Wolfmayyne
TCM Gaming Riotz© ,TuFoxy, Ramirez, ChalkieCoach: Xavier
Purple Rain Gandhi © , Elitest, Maven, Legion
Str8 Rippin Tsquared © , Ryanoob, Roy, Str8 Sick, Coach Walshy
© - team captains

Tune in to the live stream on

Starting on Saturday, 2:00pm PST
The teams will be fighting for the US$50,000 prize pool, with the last team standing taking home US$20,000. The first round of the double elimination bracket has also been finalized through lottery and has resulted in these matchups:

All matchups will be BO3 series with the exception of the Grand Finals, which will be played out in a BO5.The event is set to start on Saturday, November 8th at 2pm (PST) and the Grand Finals are scheduled around 3pm on November 9th. Furthermore, the host for the tournament has been revealed to be Joshua “Clutch” Gray. He joins Bravo and Goldenboy who will be commentating the event.

Be sure to catch the action on the official Halo Twitch channel on November 8-9.

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