Runner-up left in the dust as Season 2 winner races to 4-0 victory

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The all-Korean Season 2 World Championship Series finals came to an end today as StarDust defeated San in a dominant 4-0 series. Having defeated Golden and ForGG (respectively) to advance, both Protoss players had proven themselves supreme ahead of the matchup. Here’s a look at the action that lead to the US$25,000 showdown…

San vs. Golden (PvZ)
Golden’s luck ran out when he was picked to face off against San, as the Protoss player holds an amazing recent record against Zerg, winning 43 out of his past 50 games. Whilst he put up a great fight (coming back from 0-1 deficit to lead 2-1), ultimately San won the series, which came as a surprise to very few.

StarDust vs. ForGG (PvT)
If there was one race ForGG was not looking forward to facing in the Semifinals it was Protoss: sporting a lackluster 58% win rate, TvP is without question his worst matchup. Meanwhile, PvT is (marginally) StarDust’s - ranked 10th in the world - best matchup. Although it looked as though the Millenium Terran was poised for a comeback (taking the third map to take the series to 2-1), it wasn’t enough to curb the power of Protoss.
Our winner and runner-up can be found below (in that order). - Note for PredaVlad from VortiX: “I’m not Mexican!” Congrats to the both of them, they are the proud new owners of a full pack of World Championship Series cards and a reversible baneling/zergling (respectively).
Final: StarDust vs. San (PvP)
StarDust and San both came out of Group D in the RO1. StarDust losing to San in the previous round of competition might explain the fervour with which he played the Final of Season 2. The ever-smiling Protoss player showed immense skill, taking home the title and US$25,000 in four fell swoops. Congratulations to him!

Tune in at 3pm PDT as the show continues with WCS America over on Twitch! All VODs from the European competition can be found over on YouTube.