Tune in to the South East Europe Championship finals!

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Over the next three days, we will witness the offline finals of the first official season of the ESL South East Europe Championship at Romexpo in Bucharest, with it being one of the biggest competitions ever hosted in this region. Its best CS:GO and League of Legends teams as well as Hearthstone players will fight it out for the title and a piece of the €5,000 per game prize money.

Teams and players

The region’s best teams and players have assembled in Bucharest - check them out below.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Space Soldiers
  • Team Rock
  • XPC Gaming

League of Legends

  • Different Dimension
  • Void Gaming
  • WASDro


  • BGnikiBG
  • deadfair
  • RDU
  • superlub0


All three competitions will feature a double elimination bracket. Friday will see the upper brackets played out, Saturday is reserved for the lower bracket rounds and Sunday will see each of the three grand finals.

You can check out the complete three-day schedule over at the official SEEC homepage.

SEEC tournament manager Alex Coconcea had the following to say about the upcoming finals:

"The first official season of the ESL South East Europe Championship can now be seen as the grassroot competition for this region as it had over 5,000 participants in the qualifiers and many live stream streamers. With the finals being played out this weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing how the top dogs from the region and major favorites such as for CS:GO, Different Dimension for LoL and RDU for Hearthstone will perform at this offline final. Best of luck to all the participants!"

With the SEEC finals to be an undoubtedly closely contested affair, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the amazing games - simply pick out your stream right here and enjoy the show!